My 70 lb, 6 month old puppy wants to play in the morning.  All the cats climb to higher ground so as not to become a toy.  I rescue 10 lb Cula from being chewed on and teased to become part of the game.  7am on a Sunday morning was quiet in this house and a time for me to take in the new day, have some coffee, check my email, the weather and make a plan for what to do with the next several hours.  We adapt.  Sit on the kitchen floor for 20 minutes and wrestle toys from the new big-dog-teeth and throw balls the length of the room.  Laugh as he runs and pounces on toys as if they are attempting to scramble away at his approach.  Life is change and every new day brings a new wind and opportunity to laugh.


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Moving forward every day. Creating and feeding my passion and spirit.

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