to the occupiers

To the 99% who are putting their lives on hold to occupy:  I am with you.

Though I am not able physically to stand on the street where you are, I share your frustration.  I do not have a solution to the problems we face, but I too can see that the people who lead the industries and companies that hold the power, money and influence over politicians are using that influence to make more money.  While we, the 99%, are not only struggling but, continually and daily, are losing our battle to maintain a sustaining lifestyle for our families.  If only the 99% had the influence carried by the lobbyists on capital hill, we may have a fighting chance in the current governmental structure.


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  1. I think I’m just starting to wake up. I will stay to the left and not conform and go back to my rebel roots that fit so well. I will question, question, question, and stop worrying about rocking the boat because the kids need to be protected. They’re all grown up. One left and she’s teaching me about being strong and independent and fearless and true. Maybe this is why middle age is fun:-)

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