Time to start thinking about the garden

‘Tis the season to start collecting supplies in anticipation of the 2012 garden.

I’ve been saving plastic containers such as the ones I purchase strawberries, dehydrated veggie chips and sprouts in.

These will become terrariums for my seedlings in the early spring.

Toilet paper and towel rolls can serve as degradable containers for soil in which I’ll plant the seeds.

These containers can be placed in any sunny and warm window upon planting. They are easy to turn as the sprouting plants start leaning toward the sun.

This is the shelf up against my southern facing kitchen sliding door.

We’re also making our new crop plans based on last year’s harvest and the notes we kept.

Our garden is based on 4 quarter patches. This way, the walkway remains walkable all year and we simply take the push mower in to trim it down as needed.  The 1st and 2nd quarter are the first to lose the sun in the fall afternoons so we’ll want to plant the later-blooming plants in the 3rd and 4th.

I saved some seeds from last year for replanting (zucchini and cucumber) but will have to purchase the rest so, we have decisions to make:

What seeds are we purchasing and where to buy them?

When to start the seedlings and how many to start with?

I enjoy sharing seedlings also so, will be in touch with friends and family to share and trade.


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  1. this is a great idea with the plastic containers for tarrariums. Mallissa’s plants are over taking my herb room and I’d like to grow my own herbs but all we have is a plastic sheet down and the plants on top. do you have any ideas for a graduated unit to put the plants that doesn’t involve buying an expensive unit?

  2. I like the wire-like metal units that you can adjust and stack. I try to keep an eye out for when they’re on sale.

  3. thanks Kristin! The photo helps a lot. I don’t know why I was thinking shorter… I will look into it; as what we have isn’t working well at all:-( i like the terrarium idea. I’d really like fresh herbs in the house all year long… Sun is in full force today! 🙂

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