Egg Shells

My daughter Rachel is home this week for a visit.

“Mom, what are all these egg shells for?” pointing to a container of half-crushed….

Egg shells go through a production line in my house.
They start in the sink where they are rinsed and set aside to drain.

Next, they are placed in a pan that sits in the back of my small oven where they are “cooked” while the oven is being used to keep breakfast warm for the husband.
When the pan is full, eggs are crumbled and transferred to either:
* Compost pile

*  directly to the garden and sprinkled around plants to keep slugs and worms away (I’ve heard that deer don’t like the smell of eggs and may avoid them)

* the mortar and pestle for grinding and mixing with the dog’s food for calcium

* into my dish drain to catch more stuff and as it goes down, (they help to clean pipes and biodegrade)

or *halves are used to start seedlings then transferred directly to the garden

BTW: cartons go back to my fresh egg suppliers for a refill (until I have my own laying hens)

I’ve heard more ideas but haven’t tried them; i.e. scrubbing and facial masks.

Natural, useful, healthy…..


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