Searching for my hawk

Searching for my hawk.

She was everywhere I turned for several weeks – peering at me, soaring over my sunroof, waiting for me atop a pole on the side of the road.  Strong, waiting, patient, rising above the cackling crows, gliding on the current.

Today I see pigeons, scared and scattering, following the crowd, always looking out for impending disaster.

If only I could see my hawk, I could rise above the everyday worries, the financial struggles, the motherly concerns.  Fly away from the agitating crows; the cackling ego, pride, anger, resentment and doubt.

Maybe today she’ll return, make an entrance, share her strength, show me the direction of the current, pay no heed to the crows and scatter the pigeons.


About kbamaxwel

Moving forward every day. Creating and feeding my passion and spirit.


  1. lpcostello

    love this- looking for strength & inspiration from chickens is not quite the same 🙂

  2. Or maybe you don’t need her anymore, Maybe you can soar without her.

  3. I saw so many hawks today that I lost count, at least 10 tho. The first was standing just off the shoulder of the highway. A few inches into the rough brown grass, he stood there – unmoving. The second, on a branch, third atop a small tree and the fourth, flew out of the grass and alit on a road sign… or was the fourth the one that soared from the side of the road into the trees?
    They were all absolutely incredible.

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