Chicken passion

I admit it.  I love my chickens.

Not the love that I feel for my husband, the kind that gently holds half my heart, or the love I feel for my kids; that ache of worry and the joy of sharing all wrapped up in one.  I don’t love them like I love my dogs; a reciprocal deep friendship that starts over again every morning.  I love my chickens like I love a good movie.  I can be perfectly content sitting and watching them while they entertain me in their nature channel documentary with laughter, drama and suspense.  Like a movie, they pay me no mind at all and move in and out of my emotions without care.


About kbamaxwel

Moving forward every day. Creating and feeding my passion and spirit.

One comment

  1. lpcostello

    welcome to my world- I’m so happy for you & the happy hens!

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