tracks in the snow

Coyotes have been howling and yipping almost every night. Jethro jumps up from the foot of the bed and howls back out the window at them while Cula remains in her safe and warm spot by my side and musters up a tentative bark.
An ongoing debate has been about how close they are… are they in the yard? At the neighbor’s chicken coop? In the back pasture?
After a freshly fallen snow on Saturday night, we decided to hike back and check out the tracks.
Sunday morning was crisp but sunny and beautiful. The swamp froze over and I was able to walk across to the far fence line and see the rabbit tracks criss-crossing the path from the front paddock to the pasture and sneak under the wire fencing.
There were tracks all over the pasture – about a million rabbits, some with an incredibly long stride! and fox or cat and a larger paw print that I guess was made by a coyote.

Following tracks

Following tracks

coyote track?


tracks in the snow2

I think I need a book to identify all these

A cluster of rabbit tracks - or more?

A cluster of rabbit tracks – or more?


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