bad news


Turned on my old kenmore to preheat for ginger cookies and within a minute I heard a cracking noise, like crumpling newspaper, coming from inside the oven. Opened the door and the back of one side of the heating element was flaming. Not what you want to see. Turned the oven off and watched to be certain the flame extinguished, turned on the small oven to the right and started baking cookies, 6 at a time.
I bought this old stove from a woman who used it at a B&B for years. I have no idea how old it is and while the burners are not level and the stainless is permanently stained, I love this old range.
Thankfully, the range came with a manual for care AND a parts manual. I was able to order the part and it will be here in a few days and I should be able to replace the element and I’ll be cooking again soon!
BUT, until then… only 6 cookies at a time.


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  1. Good news – I ordered the part in the afternoon and received the following morning! (paid for regular service) – replaced element and could’ve baked something yesterday afternoon…. if I had anything to bake.

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