Planting the seeds

I found the seeds. We had just split them up last weekend, but when I brought them home I decided that the kitchen counter was not a safe place and that there was a safer place and that’s the last I remember. When I looked for them yesterday and the day before, I couldn’t find them anywhere…. Searching the hidden places in my brain that may have decided on a perfect place for the seeds was a scary adventure.
Then late last night, on my way up to bed, I glanced down at my printing press and there they were, peeking out from under the hydrolic arm.
So today was the perfect day to plant seeds. I had my seeds and the seedling soil (very exciting as I didn’t know a special soil for seedlings existed until I saw it at my sisters last weekend) and containers.
I sorted through the seeds for the ones to be pre-seeded before garden planting and cut up a plastic cottage cheese container to make labels.

veggies on top, herbs in pots

veggies on top, herbs in pots

Four different kinds of Tomatoes this year: tiger-striped, purple, paste and a golden cherry that my niece says are wonderful. One seed per cup because I am being optimistic, I don’t need a million tomatoes and I have great faith in these seeds to sprout.
Peppers – hot mix, regular mix and banana.
Eggplant, cauliflower and broccoli. The cucumbers and zucchini are for an experiment I am conducting. We have absolutely no problem growing them and I am doing a comparison between per-seeding and direct planting to watch and see when they actually harvest. I have heard that the plants that are transplanted to the garden will slow their growth and actually harvest at a similar time to the direct planted seeds as they are reacting to the warming weather, etc….
We’ve not mapped out the garden yet but plan to expand slightly and plant some corn in compost and manure dumped into the swamp. It’s closer to where the deer will visit but, it is also an experiment and we will not depend on fruit as they say.
NO tomatoes in the garden. It has gotten totally out of hand and I think the only tomatoes we had last year which included about a million cherry tomatoes in bushes that we couldn’t even negotiate into in order to harvest, we’re 2011 bushes that came back as none of my seedlings lived.
Tomatoes are being planted in a new plot beyond the zen garden on a slant that I hate to mow on the rider. That way, anything that pops up in the garden that looks anything like a tomato gets pulled!!!! There are no cute baby tomato plants! I will stay strong and not fall for an innocent little plant that I may feel pride in… No, it will go to the compost. Worst thing that can happen is that I have to buy tomatoes from the farmers market. And I love the farmers market.


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