Winter Warbler

Warbler on the deck

Warbler on the deck peering into the livingroom

My morning visitor appeared confused – looking in the windows as if asking if she could be invited inside until Spring arrives.

warbler peering into the kitchen

warbler peering into the kitchen

We stopped feeding the birds several years ago – it was cruel and inhuman – we called it “feeding the cats”.

Our cats are now older, slower, lethargic – one choosing to live inside only, another that runs on an odd tilt (I’m convinced that he’s been grazed by more than one car whizzing by), and another one (the queen) who much prefers to be waited-on and would consider jumping at a lesser being much below her status.  Also – the depth of the snow in the yard is definitely enough to avoid any cat from venturing out.

So I am going to search for any old birdfeeders and trudge through the 4 ft deep snow to the old clothesline post and hope to assist our little visitor – and any others confused by the lack of spring.


and on the gazebo

and on the gazebo


If I am correct and this little bird is a cerulean warbler – she is supposed to be wintering in the tropics.

No wonder she looks so confused.



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