Another Day One

This past Monday I declared as Day One – the day to start being healthy, eating well, being positive, taking care of my body, mind and spirit. I have pondered since how many “Day Ones” I’ve declared over the last 10 years. How many lasted hours, weeks, months – the ones that never really started at all. It is so easy to lay in bed at night and imagine running, exercising, eating well – oh how great I’m going to feel and be! Then in the light of day and thoughts of responsibilities, obligations, worries, stress and it all goes to hell before I even get in the shower.
So this Day One has now lasted 4 days (woot woot) – I shook it up this time and started a new morning blend. Absolutely yummy.

New morning blend 12 raw and overnight-soaked and rinsed almonds (I actually soaked a week’s worth and simply drain and rinse my morning dose)
12 blueberries
T coconut oil
T sunflower butter
C almond milk
pinch cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric (although I have some fresh turmeric I plan replace the dry with next week)

– blend

I know that keeping my daily snacking limited is training my stomach to expect less but this blend tastes so good and I feel satisfied all morning.

Part of the morning routine

Part of the morning routine

My morning supplements include a new tincture for brain/memory/focus that I hope is working – but how do you know what you’re not forgetting anymore? I haven’t gone back to the washroom refrigerator to get a beer and ended up doing the laundry instead but then I haven’t been drinking any alcohol this week.
The second is a white blood count chinese herb blend that I’ve been taking to build up my immune system to fight off the effects of ongoing allergies and stress.  Then, my vitamin B that makes me bearable when I tend not to be about once a month.  I’ve also changed out my Breathe-easy tea to a stress-remedy kava.

I haven’t quite worked out my morning schedule – not a lot of meditation or yoga going on as I’ve been busy preparing lunch salads plus I’m not sure what.  Next week, Monday will be my Day One of preparing lunches the night before so I can get back to me-time in the early mornings.


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