I am concerned these days with the slow and unthreatened evolution of the term terrorism.
It seems a quick decision to determine a one-person violent act as an act of terrorism instead of considering a mental instability, an anger-problem or a homophobic emotional personal conflict in the case of Pulse in Florida.
The danger in using the term terrorism is that it immediately puts the blame on a foreign entity. This means two things #1: no personal responsibility is being put on anyone to identify an illness, incongruence or emotional trauma, instead it #2: stokes the fire of hate, racial divide and bigotry toward an entire race, religion or nationality.
The racial divide and bigotry that is being stoked is aimed at individuals who may then react to the anger and prejudice by identifying as the outcast and lead them to sympathize with a group such as ISIS.
We need to accept that “we”/ the media/the officials using the term terrorism may be acting as a catalyst for individuals to act violently.  We need to ask ourselves “why was this individual inspired by a terrorist group?” and take some responsibility and determine how to stop it from happening again with someone else.
Also, we need to identify if a person is using “terrorism” as an excuse to act on feelings of anger. How many people have performed acts of violence and officials say “we have found no evidence of communication with terrorist groups” even though the person attributed his violence to a group such as ISIS. This act alone should make us re-assess the term “terrorism”. A person using ISIS to justify a violent act is not acting politically but personally and should not be identified as a terrorist but as a troubled or deranged individual.


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