I want to wear a hijab

I want to wear a hijab,

Carry a rainbow flag,

Go to Standing Rock

And stand in front of Planned Parenthood.


I want to picket,

Write letters,


Email and

Make phone calls.


I want to be persuasive,

Engage my confederate flag-hanging neighbor in conversation,

Save the earth,

Feed the hungry

And house the homeless.


I want to not be scared,

Not act based on fear,

Embrace love and compassion,

Share it with the world,

And hope it spreads.



About kbamaxwel

Moving forward every day. Creating and feeding my passion and spirit.


  1. Allison Thomas

    This is beautiful Kristin, I have a crazy idea…can’t wait to share it with you in case it has any merit for work…or I need to let go of it as it is that crazy.

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