I try to take a pause prior to putting anything into the trash.  (I choose to consider this as a positive and earth-friendly practice and not a hoarding practice:).
I find I can recycle, compost, re-use, upcycle or give away most things.

I shred paper for (my future) chicken coop bedding.

Egg shells are a whole topic in themselves (I’ll blog about them).

Grease and pan scrapings are added to the rice and beans I pressure-cook for dogfood.

Plastic containers for early spring seedling terrariums.

Toilet paper and paper towel dispensers for starting seeds.

All containers and plastic bags that come with store-purchased food are cleaned and re-used for leftovers and on-the-go snacks and meals.  (Masking tape and a sharpie are handy for labeling these as it can become difficult to know what’s in those bags in the refrigerator).

I will also take these bags to the bulk aisle and re-fill them instead of getting new ones (same for coffee).

LEFTOVERS: I will post on the fridge a list of what food is in the fridge, in order of preparation.  This cuts down (virtually eliminates) food that goes to the trash.  Another trick is separating leftovers into meal-size containers for easy-reheating and eating.  If I make a large amount of food, I’ll automatically freeze half after preparing and sometimes split the amount I freeze in meal-size portions.

I always feel that there’s more I can do….. just haven’t figured it out yet but find it helps to keep thinking.


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