what to do with pork tenderloin

This was my dilemma.  I made one a couple nights ago and it was yummy but I find that we rarely sit down to a 3-part meal meaning; meat, vegetable plus something to round it out.  The ease in throwing a chunk of something that includes meat, veggies and other stuff into a bowl and heating it up, beats out everything else in our house….. unless it’s a burger, then I find my men will put one together with condiments whenever they have the opportunity.

So, I had the leftovers of this tenderloin that I’d coated in orange marmalade and a few other things that I can’t recollect, and it was just sitting there.  I also had some beautiful long (Japanese?) eggplant that I’d picked up from my favorite Indian store.

I sliced the eggplant long-ways and baked until they were soft and cut out the innards into small chunks.

Sauteed chopped onion, garlic, celery, green pepper and grated ginger.

Added chopped tenderloin and eggplant, generous dash of parmesan.  After mixed and hot, added chopped fresh baby spinach and a large handful of sliced almonds.

Of course, season, season, season along the way.

Spooned it back into the eggplant skins, topped with toasted panko crumbs (toasted in melted butter) and baked for 15 minutes or so.

eggplant tenderloin

eggplant tenderloin


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