dance like no one is watching and write like no one is reading

I find it odd that people are reading this.

The whole reason I started writing on this blog again was because I believed no one was reading it and I found it was easier to put fingers to keys thinking that way.

Now I find people are reading and when I look at their blogs, their photos look professional and their recipes are real recipes, in that they list out measurements, ingredients and procedure….

That’s not me.

I was looking at my food photos, commenting to myself how the food doesn’t even look good…. and the “recipes” are really just guidelines because I rarely measure, much less write down or remember exactly how much of what I added.

I consider flavors and textures and put things together that I want to eat and, it turns out that my family eats it too…. although they say that they’ll eat anything, I hope they think it tastes good also.

So, if you are reading a “recipe” of mine and have questions – I recommend not waiting too long to ask (as my memory is not great) and I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.

Thank you for joining me in this adventure.

peace, love and magic.

the ladies venturing out

the ladies venturing out

and… I may just post a photo of a chicken, a dog or something totally random anytime I don’t seem to have one appropriate for the post


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