why i take st. johns wort



everything changes.


i defined myself in a certain way.

knew who i was, where i fit in.

i was content, happy, at peace.


the familiarity is gone and

where i was comfortable,

now i am nervous,

insecure and stupid.

loss of myself and

flashbacks to loss of friends and

desperation to navigate

through the adjustments and

find myself not alone

with myself on the other side.


About kbamaxwel

Moving forward every day. Creating and feeding my passion and spirit.


  1. great gains come from the unknown…the state of floundering. Your beautiful heart will know peace again. love and grace to you always, Allison

  2. There was a time when changes were welcome
    viewed as possibilities, adventures & challenges
    then joy, pain, fear, manic moments & falls
    disappointments brought you back
    to a time of stillness
    a time to heal, relearn the arts,
    create a solid base
    Your enrichment made all of us grow
    seeking the artist & the prophet
    But life does not sustain patterns of comfort
    It thrives on the diversity & abstract
    Your powers are in the sharing,
    your embrace is meant to grow-
    Don’t be afraid of the strangeness
    as you reach out towards the sky
    This beginning is brand new
    And you are not the same

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